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Check out the Howell Carnegie Library - They have a Great Archive Department

If you are looking for information for the NE part of Livingston County, then the Cromaine Library is for you!

Howell Chamber of Commerce - Friendly People Always Ready to Answer Questions

Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce - Want to Know about the Millpond? Ask Them!

IMHO The Best Organized Genealogical Site Ever Found! Newsweek Magazine honored (24 February Issue 1997 - Page 33) the coordinator of this site, Cyndi Howells with an article about the hard work she has put into her site and what a difference it has made to the genealogical community. Congratulations Cyndi! For those of you that do not know she was the inspiration in my continuing to complete the 1895 atlas so many years ago by designing the logo. 

Looking For An e-mail Genealogy List to Join? This Place Has Them All!

Now that you have decided to collect census data for your files, here is a place to get forms to fill in the data. There are a lot of links to pay sites here, so be cautious...I think the forms are easily worth the $10.00 donation as I got them.

Dick Eastman's Online Genealogical Newsletter and his Brand New Domain Name!!! - He now has 2 versions of his newsletter and I would STRONGLY suggest that you pay the few cents a week to get the "Plus" version as he has all sorts of special articles that are not in the standard edition. Great reviews of new products, great notices about specials with links on where to get them quick before they are gone etc. One of the most informative genealogical updates that I have ever read! 

Dick Eastman who was interviewed on Episode #10 of the PBS Ancestors series probably has more genealogical data crammed into his brain than I will ever hope to even read in a lifetime. This weekly newsletter which you can either subscribe to or read on the web is chock full of the following and is one of the few things that I read as soon as it hits my mailbox:

            ...............Note: In a message from Dick he informed me: 

The various Web pages should now be the same as the old one except that "eogn" is substituted for "rootsforum." The newsletter is at, the Plus Edition subscription form is at, etc.

Want to See A Great Surname Disbursement Map of the U.S.?

Now that you have collected all of the data what to do with it? My friend Bev at Petersen Reproductions - Fun Stuff for the Genealogist offers genealogy, T-shirts for adults and kids, mugs, mouse pads, family trees and pedigree charts, bumper stickers, license plate frames, genealogy related cross-stitch and quilt patterns and books, note cards, archival supplies including specialty pens, refrigerator magnets, luggage tags, key chains and much more!

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