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     This atlas was originally printed and copy written in 1895 by the Rand McNally Corporation, called "The New 11 x 14 Atlas of the World". Although it contained maps of the countries of the world and the individual states of the United States at that time, it only contained an index for the United States. I have begun to scan the world maps which will eventually be placed as a link on the atlas. There are no indexes for the towns in the world portion, but perhaps the maps will help people.

     If you are looking for a lost town shown on an old document, check this out to find all sorts of valuable information regarding your city or village.

     Besides the data, I have also uploaded the actual maps from the Rand McNally 1895 Atlas of all of the states at that time and the District of Columbia for your research. I have re-enhanced the county sized maps since many visitors had difficulties downloading such large images as the state sized pieces. Also I have recently resized all of the maps of this atlas so they now load 90% or more faster in most cases.

     Just interested in the research data and what the population was, if there was a post office, whether the railroad stopped there, what county was the town in, etc. for Michigan towns? or just the 1895 state map of Michigan?.....maybe you only need the individual state of Michigan county maps that are listed alphabetically for the  in 1895. These are easier to download than the entire state map which is a large jpg image.  Or, just want to see what Livingston County, MI looked like in 1895? 

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1872 Plat Maps of Oakland County MI Townships
The County just to the East of Livingston County MI


     Before you consider printing one of these maps, instead, please consider contacting Janet who is the person responsible for allowing us to be able to post these on the site for your benefit. The atlas cost almost $1000 to purchase and so I would like her to recoup some of her costs. She has beautiful color copies of these maps at a VERY reasonable cost and they are not cut in half so please contact her at:

     She also has a great used book site so if you are looking to purchase old books you may find something that may help in your research. McCormick Books has been nice enough to loan me several to transcribe for the Memorial On Line Library, once, another part of the LivGenMI site, but as you can see, now getting ready to move to its own url.

     Also I have recently resized all of the maps of this atlas so they now load 90% or more faster in most cases. I have now finished the process of pulling all of the thousands of names from each township map and have added them into an all name index for your research aid.

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1872 Original Map of Colorado, Dakota, East and West Indian Nations, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming

     This neat map show many of the wide open spaces that were part of the west at that time! The maps was Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1872 by S. Augustus Mitchell in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. I have split it into a number of different pieces so you can see each area depicted more easily.

     Also I have recently resized all of the maps of this atlas so they now load 90% or more faster in most cases.

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1875 Plat Atlas of Livingston County MI 

     This plat atlas has  additional maps of the period of North America, the United States, the State of Michigan and of course all the county of Livingston, its towns and its villages. Included is a resident listing by Milt Charboneau. This book is up do to the courtesy of Bob Hagarty, a local business man. Also included are wonderful business notes about the commercial ventures at the time.

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1879 Late Map of Nebraska 

Being redone, will be on line soon...

     This map is from the Johnson's History of Nebraska Book, split into 4 quadrants for easier downloading.....though I have included the entire map in one piece for those who have lots of ram on their systems. 

     Why not read the entire book written in 1880 from which I pulled this map, Another of the books from my parents Memorial On-Line Library, this one was scanned and edited by Ted & Carole Miller of NEGenWeb . As you can see the library is in the process of moving to its own url.

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Click on Map to get to a Larger Version....



     Printed in 1884 just 11 years after Chase County NE began......(my other USGenWeb & AHGP Site)

     Also I have recently resized this map so it will now load 90% or more faster in most cases.

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1890 Nebraska State Farmer's Gazetteer 
Chase County NE

     It has been brought to this webmaster's attention that a certain band of rogue "elves" have were busy over the 1998 holidays, and did major work to help with a new project for you all to look at.....I revamped the data a bit for easier searching, and there is a police investigation going on at the present regarding some of the data contained herein, but enjoy.....if you need information from other counties of Nebraska, go to my Chase NE site and there are links to NEGenWeb which will help you in you search.

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1891 Grain Dealers and Shippers Gazetteer

      A student asked me for information regarding Railroad maps for a school report. He needed something from the northeast to "any" plains state, so I put up all of the railroad route maps. The funny thing is that this book was purchased originally for my Livingston County MI site as it said only the Great Lakes states on the cover, and then I found tons of data in there for lots of places!

     I have finally added all of  the thousands and thousands of names and business owners that did business with the various railroads listed in the 1891 Shippers Gaz that I uploaded the R.R. maps from some time ago.  Also check out the indexes I have created for each individual R.R. section. The spelling was terrible, so check the entire letter of a name you are researching, as some names are spelled 3 and 4 different ways.

     Also I have recently resized all of the maps of this gazetteer & the ads too, so they now load 90% or more faster in most cases.

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The 1892 Gardiner's Atlas of English History

88 Maps including 20 maps of Historic Battles 

index may come someday, but all the surgeries have put this project on the back burner :((((....A is complete

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1895 Livingston County Michigan Plat Atlas

    Another of the plat atlases I have uploaded for your viewing & research pleasure. This one includes not only the Residential listings by Milt Charboneau, but the Residential Reference Listings for business people. This atlas also includes a map of the Spanish American conflict. 

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1899 Indian Nations Map

Showing what the tribal lands once were.....I have divided this map into smaller sections for easier downloading, but have also left up a complete map for those with enough ram in their systems.

Also I have recently resized all of the maps of this project so they now load 90% or more faster in most cases.

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1915 Plat Atlas for Livingston County MI

     1915 Plat Atlas of Livingston County Michigan - Complete with township maps and a state map of Michigan and residential listings by Milt Charboneau. This atlas even has some neat family images and farm images. Really cool. 

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Pre-1940 Oakland County MI Plat Atlas

     This Atlas was purchased on an auction site and since there is absolutely no date and no copyright I decided that it would be a great boon to those people looking for people in the area. I know it has to be from around 1940 as the land where the cemetery is now where my parents are interred is just listed as belonging to a Rev. at the printing time. Eventually I hope to get to an index.

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1937 Douglas County NE Plat Atlas

     This is a neat plat atlas that shows the area of Omaha Nebraska as it expanded in the mid 20th century. I did the best I could on an all name index, though some of the names were very difficult to read as the printing equipment they used was not very good.

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