If you have difficulties getting to cemetery data over the next few months, hopefully it will clear up soon. I am now starting (July, 2005) to totally clean up the entire cemetery section of LivGenMI. I expect that in the end it will be much easier & hold lots more data for you the researcher. The new section will be called Burial and it will be divided by townships & cities.

Throughout the county there are numerous cemeteries, from Church related to city cemeteries, to township cemeteries, to small family plots to those sites which have been long left unnoticed. I have tried to give an up to date listing of all of the cemeteries I could find here in the county. It is June, 2000 and I just last night heard of yet another small site in the SW of the county in Unadilla Township and will be adding the data as soon as I get it.

As time permits I will attempt to add more details regarding the various cemeteries here in Livingston County. The future has finally come and I am now beginning to include digital photos of as many of the tombstones at each of the sites as are viable, so you can see where your ancestors were laid to rest. This is a VERY long and arduous process, so please have patience. It has taken almost two months just to complete the first cemetery.

Below is a list of the cemeteries here in the county. Click on each one and it will take you to it's own site with pointers to other things in that township. If you want to see what else is available for that township, please return to the main site entrance page (Link button below) and follow the route to the particular township you are interested in.

Brand New - Township Maps Showing Location of Cemeteries

Brand New - Liv. Cty Death Index Extracted by Dianne Richards

It is also apparent to both of us that this index does NOT include all deaths that have occurred in the county. :(((
Please keep in mind, we do not have any additional information, you must contact the Livingston County Courthouse - Clerks Office for more information 

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Please Note: I decided to collate all the info on the site into these cemetery indexes, the county history books,  the transcriptions I have done and the various records. Some of the data does not agree, and thus the fact you will see various conflicting dates in parenthesis. When I clean up the images I will compare to the best of my ability the photo and then make the determination as to what is right....but then tombstones have been incorrect before too:(((   The actual image uploading takes way longer than I expected and since the back surgery is coming up and I do not know how long I will be laid up, I decided to get as many of the indexes up first and then get back to the images when I am able.
Keep in mind when I am working on this section, which is often, keep reloading as pages are going up several times an hour....

 Enjoy...and if you have a moment thank Charly Caldwell II for his support of this data on line  ... 

Antrim Baptist Cemetery (See Fuller Cemetery)

Beach Cemetery - (See Pleasant Valley Cemetery)

Benjamin Cemetery - Conway Township

Benjamin Cemetery (See Kelly Cemetery)

Bingham Warden Family Cemetery - Green Oak Township

Bird Cemetery - Brighton Township  Index Up & Photos Coming

Boutell Cemetery (AKA Jones Cemetery) - Cohoctah Township  Index Up & Photos Coming

Brayton Farm Cemetery (AKA Unnamed Cemetery - Abandoned) - Howell Township

Briggs Cemetery - Handy Township INDEX & PHOTOS!

Brighton City Cemetery (See Fairview Cemetery)

Brighton Hills Memorial Gardens - Brighton City

Brighton Village Cemetery - Brighton Township

Brophy Road Cemetery (Abandoned) - Hartland Township Index Up & Photos Coming 

Butterfield Cemetery - Green Oak Township

Calvary Cemetery - St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Brighton City Index Up & Photos Coming!

Campbell Town Cemetery - Hamburg Township  Index Up & Photos Coming

Chilson Cemetery - Genoa Township

Clough Cemetery (AKA Wolverton) - Tyrone Township

Coffey Cemetery - Handy Township Index Up & Photos Coming

Collins Family Cemetery - Actually in Washtenaw, but connected to Livingston families.

Colwell Cemetery - Tyrone Township   Index Up & Photos Coming

Conway Cemetery - Conway Township  Index Up & Photos Coming

County Farm Cemetery - (See Livingston County Poor Farm Cemetery)

Coughran Cemetery - Conway Township   INDEX & PHOTOS!
These images have been totally resized for faster loading!

Deer Creek Cemetery - Deerfield Township Index Up & PHOTOS coming!

Deerfield Center Burying Ground (AKA Sharp Cemetery) - Deerfield Township

Deerfield Roman Catholic Cemetery (See St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Cemetery)

Drew Burying Ground (Private) - Marion Township Index Up & PHOTOS coming!

Eisele Catholic Cemetery - Iosco Township  Index Up & PHOTOS coming!

Euler Cemetery (Private) - Genoa Township

Fairview Cemetery - Brighton City, 200 N 1st St., Brighton, MI 48116-1268 (810)-227-1911

Fleming Cemetery (AKA West Howell Cemetery) - Howell Township

Free Will Baptist (See Green Oak Union)

Fuller Cemetery (AKA Antrim Baptist Cemetery) - Conway Township Index Up & Photos Coming...

Gardner Cemetery

Gilkes Cemetery - Putnam Township

Green (AKA Greene) Cemetery - Marion Township

Green Oak Plains - (See Holden Cemetery)

Green Oak Union (AKA Free Will Baptist) - Green Oak Township Index Up & Photos Coming...

Greenwood Cemetery - Handy Township

Griswold Cemetery (AKA Smith Cemetery) - Hartland Township

Hamburg Village Cemetery (AKA Unnamed Cemetery) - Hamburg Township

Harford Chapel (See Wright's Chapel)

Harger Cemetery - Marion Township  Index Up & Photos Coming...

Harris Farm Cemetery (AKA Wilson Cemetery) - Tyrone Township  Index Up & Photos???? Coming...

Hart Cemetery - (See Hodges Cemetery)

Hartland Village Cemetery - Hartland Village

Hayes Cemetery - Green Oak Township

Hodges Cemetery (AKA Hart Cemetery) - Hartland Township

Holden Cemetery (AKA Green Oak Plains Cemetery) - Green Oak Township  INDEX & PHOTOS!

Howell City Cemetery (See Lakeview Cemetery)

In God We Trust Cemetery (Actually located less than a mile west of the county line but Fowlerville Mailing) - Conway Township

Jones Cemetery (See Boutell)

Kellogg Cemetery (Private) - Oceola Township - Index Up & Photos Coming

Kelly Cemetery (AKA Benjamin Cemetery) - Genoa Township Index Up & Photos Coming

Kensington Baptist Church Cemetery - Brighton Township Index Up & Photos Coming 

Lake Cemetery (See Lakeside Cemetery)

Lakeside Cemetery (AKA Lake Cemetery) - Marion Township Index Up & Photos Coming

Lakeview Cemetery - Green Oak Township

Lakeview Cemetery, (Removals from Old Howell Village aka Oak Grove Cemetery) Howell City 920 Roosevelt, Howell, MI 48843 (517)-546-4500

Lewis Cemetery - Oceola Township Index Up & Photos Coming

Lewis Cemetery (See Wright's Chapel)

Livermore Cemetery - Unadilla Township Index Up & Photos Coming

Livingston County Poor Farm Cemetery - Marion Township (AKA County Farm Cemetery) Index Up & Photos Coming

Loree Cemetery - Iosco Township Index Up & Photos Coming

Lutheran Cemetery (See St. George Cemetery)

Marr Cemetery (AKA Pioneer Cemetery) - Howell Township Index Up & Photos Up! 

Monahan Cemetery (See Old Irish Cemetery)

Mt. Olivet Cemetery (Catholic) Howell City

Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery - Handy Township

Munsell Cemetery - Iosco Township

North Hamburg Cemetery - Hamburg Township  Index Up & Photos Coming 

North Marion Cemetery - (See Lakeside Cemetery)

Oak Grove Cemetery (See Lakeview Cemetery)

Old Irish Cemetery (AKA Monahan Cemetery) - Green Oak Township  Index Up & Photos Coming 

Old Kensington Cemetery - Green Oak Township Index Up & Photos Coming 

Paige Cemetery - Handy Township INDEX & PHOTOS!

Parshallville Cemetery - Hartland Township  Index Up & Photos UP!!! 

Pinckney Protestant Cemetery - Pinckney Village

Pioneer Cemetery (See Marr Cemetery)

Placeway Cemetery (AKA Whitcomb Cemetery) - Hamburg Township Index Up & Photos Coming 

Plainfield Cemetery - Unadilla Township

Pleasant Valley Cemetery - Brighton Township (AKA Beach Cemetery) Index Up & Photos Coming 

Riddle Cemetery - Oceola Township Index Up & Photos Coming 

Russell Cemetery (See Sanford Cemetery)

Sanford Cemetery (AKA Russell Cemetery) Cohoctah Township

Sharp Cemetery (See Deerfield Cemetery)

St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Cemetery (AKA Deerfield Roman Catholic Cemetery) Deerfield Township

St. Benedict's Cemetery - Green Oak Township

St. George Cemetery (AKA Lutheran Cemetery) - Genoa Township

St. John's Catholic Churchyard & Cemetery - Oceola Township Index Up & Photos Coming

St. Mary's Cemetery (Roman Catholic) - Pinckney Village

Smith Cemetery (See Griswold Cemetery)

Sprout Cemetery - Putnam Township  INDEX & PHOTOS!

Tyrone Memory Gardens - Tyrone Township 10260 White Lake Rd, Fenton, MI 48430-8724 (810)750-0804

Unadilla Cemetery (AKA Base Line Cemetery) - Unadilla Township

United Brethren Cemetery - Conway Township

Unnamed Cemetery (See Brayton Farm Cemetery)

Van Keuren Cemetery - Oceola Township Index Up & PHOTOS coming!

West Howell Cemetery (See Fleming Cemetery)

Whitcomb Cemetery (See Placeway Cemetery)

Williamsville Cemetery - Unadilla Township

Wilson Cemetery - Tyrone Township (See Harris Farm Cemetery)

Wolverton Cemetery (See Clough Cemetery)

Woodruff Cemetery - Brighton Township Index Up & PHOTOS coming!

Wright's Chapel (AKA Harford or Lewis Cemetery) - Unadilla Township

Wright's Cemetery - Iosco Township Index Up & PHOTOS coming!

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