1898-99 PERIOD  

By Fred M. Greguras

Primary Sources


1.   Wright’s Official History of the Spanish-American War, 1990.  Published by General Marcus J. Wright, War Records Office, Washington.

2.   Kneitel, Directory of U.S. Army Forts, Camps & Airfields (1789 to 1945), CRB Research Books, Inc., 1992.

3.   Harpers, Leslies, other newspapers

4.   War Department, Location of Named Temporary Camps, etc., established during the War with Spain, 1898

5.   Report of the Commission appointed by the President to Investigate the Conduct of the War Department in the War with Spain, 1899

6.   Richard A. Sauers, Pennsylvania in the Spanish American War, published by the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee, 1998

7.   Stan Cohen, Images of the Spanish-American War, Pictorial Historians Publishing Co., Inc., 1997.  This source contains many photos of camps.

8.      Robert B. Roberts, Encyclopedia of Historic Forts, MacMillan Publishing Company, 1988

9.      A Brief History of the Volunteer Organizations in the Service of the United States during the War with Spain, 1898, Appendix to Vol. 1, Correspondence relating to War with Spain, Washington, GPO, 1902.

10.   George B. Bowers, History of the 160th Ind. Vol. Infantry in the Spanish American War, No publisher identified, no date.  This is a good source for information on locations and names of little known camps.

11. has links to most of the web sites referenced.

March 9, 2000

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