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Livingston County Researchers!!  Important News!

If you need to order any type of documents from the Livingston County Clerk's Office that previous to this had to be ordered either by letter or by phone call they can now be ordered on line!


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Livingston County Courthouse Howell MI
Built 1889

Photo  @ Daniel Laursen April 1999

A small piece of a growing history
for Livingston County Michigan

We Shall NEVER Forget! 

11 September 2001

"Only If We Pause to Listen...will we be able to hear the 
grieving of those around us."

Author unknown


Maybe your people were just over the border from Livingston? Or...maybe they moved back and forth...ancestors did that to confuse us you know. <g> Here are the counties that border Livingston. Also be sure to check out the
MARDOS Memorial Library as there are tons of things on line for all over the country.

Shiawassee Genesee Oakland
Jackson Washtenaw


Do YOU know who the county is named for?

Edward Livingston

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Memorial Pictures

MARDOS Memorial On-Line Library 
of Historical Publications
Many Books & atlases from late 19th century to early 20th have been transcribed in total with all name indexes added for your benefit. These cover a number of states, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma & South Dakota and more....I am in the process of reorganizing the links within the Memorial Library to make it easier for you to search and to get more data on line! Please be patient, just as I thought I was feeling great, I found out that I had breast cancer. 2 surgeries down and 2 more to go, at least it appears that God arranged that the cancer was removed. If any woman wants advice I will be more than willing to help answer questions.
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This young man Mike Ingram, Jr. lost his life serving in the Army on behest of the USA over in Afghanistan in 2010. To honor his memory, his family learned Mike's desires to help his friends and other soldiers be able to call home as it gets terribly lonely there so far away. So they started a 501c3 called Mikie's Minutes. He has only been gone a short time over a year and they have already sent 19,000 calling cards to soldiers in that field. How GREAT is that???


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Places to visit & 
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Livingston County, MI & beyond

On Site Links...
THE 1891 Portrait & Biographical Album 
Of  Livingston & Ingham Counties, Michigan 
With An All Name Index Of Over 11,000 Names.
Make sure you check out the

Livingston County section

of my MARDOS Memorial Library, I am always adding more things there.

1874-1879 Fowlerville Review

Extractions, tons of names in all name index covering Births, Deaths in & out of the county, Weddings, & miscellaneous news!
- Newly Redone!

Historical Information
 Newly Redone!
Livingston County Marriage Index 1836-1933
  Newly Redone and soon TONS of more data coming!
Livingston  County Death Index 1867-1948
Newly Redone!
Livingston  County Land Records 1828-1880

Brand New! Complete with a new people index and also a place name index, tens of thousands of names! Many thanks to Milt Charboneau who wrote the book many years ago!

Cemetery information
Overhaul to be completed hopefully by the end of 2014 ~
I am building a whole new section that will have images of every stone in every cemetery that I was able to film while walking for the last 18 years...Has been delayed by the onset of breast cancer :((
Research Aids
Maps, Gazetteers & Atlases 
including the 1895 Atlas & Livingston Plat Atlases
Census Info
My Personal Favorites
Off Site Links....that I find useful!
Bureau of Land Management 
Genealogical Death Index
Livingston County Obit Index through Brighton Library
Vital Records for State of Michigan
Library of Congress American Memory Site
Matt Rosenberg's Great Geography Site 

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